Who? Caroline Sandström

What? Fashion and interior stylist 

Where? Stockholm, Sweden

Follow? Instagram: @carolinesandstrom_

"If you are supposed to dress up then I never want to dress up". Meet Caroline Sandström and be inspired by her effortless style and the city guide from Stockholm!

ENVELOPE by Selina Ekra Sei 

(first published in 2017)


Your style is unique, what is style to you? Style for me is something you feel comfortable in. Because if you look comfortable you can rock whatever you like and you will influence and make people want to wear the same thing. Style is not about the clothes, it’s all about your attitude and to feel great. 

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Where do you collect your inspiration? My inspirations comes from the fashion shows around the world but then I also get a lot of inspirations from magazines, movies and from social media of course. 

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 Who’s your fashion icon and why? This is such a hard question for me to answer because I actually don’t have any fashion icon on top of my mind. I don’t always like what one person wears, I usually like something from the outfit, and then something from another ones outfit or from a show I saw or a pair of shoes I want. That way I combine them in my mind, if you know what I mean? But I totally love what Gilda Ambrosio is wearing and especially her attitude. 

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In what way would you say that living in Stockholm reflects your style? I have a dog, and with a dog come dirty clothes and comfortable shoes, haha. So what I like with Stockholm is that you can wear comfortable clothes, yet chic ones, to work. My favourite outfit is trainers paired with classic black Adidas or Nike sweatpants and a blazer or peacoat for example. Everyone is very chill here and that is something I really like. 

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What do you never wear? I never wear something just because it’s a trend. Actually I’m not that into trends but I love when you combine trend pieces into your regular closet. 

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When did your interest for fashion start? I don’t know if you can call it fashion, but my interest in clothes started at my grandmothers home when I was 9 years old when she showed me how her sewing machine worked. From that day I was hooked in remaking my clothes. I can’t say it was couture or anything but I loved the craftsmanship and to work with my hands. Editing and mixing and matching different materials and colours. My mum got of course crazy because I always destroyed my clothes to make new ones.

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In what way does your mood affect the way you dress? Oh, it affects me a lot! I can never plan an outfit in advance because of it. That’s why I hate to pack when I travel. If I’m tired I just want to wear something black and loose fit clothing to match my black rings under my eyes. I would add a pear of sneakers for example and maybe some accessories to fun it up a little bit. I’m very much like this - if you are supposed to dress up I never want to dress up. I’m very schizo, haha.

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Key item for this fall? Patent leather trench and the high heeled zip detailed boots in black (surprise) from Céline. 

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Flats or heels? Flats!


 Favourite item in your closet? All of my jackets, my hoodies and my leather pants from Ralph Lauren that feels like luxury leggings. 

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City tips for travelers: 

Top 3 things to do in Stockholm? During this time of the year when the autumn replaces summer I totally recommend you to take a long stroll around Djurgården. Then you need to visit all the small shops at Södermalm that you find around the Nytorget area for both fashion and interior. Also eat breakfast at Pom and Flora or Nybrogatan 38!

If you want typical delicious Swedish meatballs for lunch then you need to book a table at Riche. For more Asian inspired food with coriander and ginger then Berns is the go to place. Then for dinner you need to go to the Asian fusion restaurant Farang, the pizza heaven place Babette or Papas for a real party dinner. And then for drinks you need to visit the small bar in Vasastan called Elanders. They have the best drinks, promise!

Must visit store in Stockholm? Dusty Deco for interior, Floristkompaniet for flowers and the Rodebjer store at Norrmalmstorg, Our Legacy, NK and Totême for fashion.

Where do you get your coffee in the city? I’m not that picky as long as they have filter coffee so pretty much everywhere.