Interview: Loud Milla

Who? Loud Milla (@loudmilla)

Where? Brussels, Belgium

I have my own tendency, says Loud Milla. Envelope met the designer student in Paris. 


When did your interest for fashion start? I think I was interested in Fashion long time ago but fashion becomes a obsession maybe when I was 18years .

Skjermbilde 2019-02-14 kl. 17.20.41

So first of all tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

I am artistic director for photoshoot, I also paint and love art and architecture. I will be soon graduate like a designer textile. I was born in Africa and I know all my artistic vision came from my origins.

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Your style is unique, what is style to you? To express all colour I have inside outside. I really like to tell a story when I wear something. I am very sincere with myself. I like to be elegant, modern and I don't follow trends. I have my own tendency.

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Where do you collect your inspiration? All my inspiration come from old fashion... I really like 30century, 60century, 80century and moore. Also, I like streetstyle and some accounts on Instagram. - In what way would you say that living where you do reflect your style( if it does) I love sun and I come from sun country but in Belgium sun is there only in summer so I know the weather influences a lot my style.

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What do you never wear? Puffy jacket .

In what way does your mood affect the way you dress ? Everything

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Key item for this season? Natural colours

Flats or heels? Heels

Skjermbilde 2019-02-14 kl. 17.26.17

What trends and colours do you believe in for ss19? I don’t think is trends but I will tell you where yellow and white!

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Favorite item in your closet? Bags and jackets/blazer

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Goals for 2019 To change the country and work in Fashion industry.

Last question, where do you get your coffee ? Velvet coffee or Chyl ( in Brussels)