Interview - Meet Sylvia Haghjoo

Who? Sylvia Haghjoo @sylviahaghjoo

What? Creative Director

Where? Hamburg, Germany


Minimalism with style, and quality rather than quantity. Envelope. no met up with Sylvia Haghjoo. Be inspired by the Creative mind from Hamburg and get her styling and career tips here.


Your style is unique, what is style to you? Thank you! Its a very important form of self-expression and it's how you live, what you read, experiences, where you travel to, your personality - it just comes from everything that builds you. Style is originality and a look for both form and function in clothes. Its also finding who you really are. I personally focus on minimalism and comfort and a less is more approach. For example, a good blazer is indispensable - it upgrades and look and is easy to combine with easy to go pieces like jeans and knit. It is also art to me, the body can be described as a canvas, and the sense of style developed along the way as the subject of aesthetic criteria. I do really respect fabrics and art.  I love handmade things and quality. Quality rather than quantity. You would be surprised but my closet is not packed, I love a small selection of basics which can be styled back and forth.

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Where do you collect your inspiration? Inspiration can be found everywhere. I personally feel most inspired by fashion shows, to participate in the shows is very important to me. Everything from location, to the music, the styling and all small details you only can see in person.

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The captivating atmosphere and those details are something that inspire me a lot. Instagram can be also a huge inspiration, but I also feel very inspired by arts. A visit to the museum is something I love to do, especially when I feel uninspired.

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When did your interest for fashion start? As a young girl.


Career tips? Always treat others like you want to be treated. It helps your career to develop continuously, because its nicer to work with nice people. When you work in the fashion industry, you might know the assistant of somebody and then you meet her again and suddenly she is the boss of somebody else. I always make sure everyone is treated the same - everyone has been assistant and you work your way up - always.

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In what way does your mood affect the way you dress? I do have days where my mood affects my wardrobe. Sometimes I feel ready for everything and sometimes I do feel the opposite. There are days where I just want to layer up in the coziest knit, and then there are days especially during summer where I feel empowered and put on a feminine dress. But among all, I always need to feel comfortable, because it immediately brings more self-assurance.


Flats or heels? I opt for comfort in flat shoes.


Favorite item in your closet? My CHANEL Métiers d'Art handbag. It adds texture and interest to any outfit.

As seen here:

Flats or heels? I opt for comfort in flat shoes.


Three beauty products you cant live without? Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream, Skin Ceuticals Clay Mask, Susanne Kaufmann Detox Oi.


Hamburg tips for travellers: Top 3 things top do in your city?

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Book a concert in the Elbphilharmonie.  Visit the Kunsthalle and Stroll through the Jenisch Park

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