Interview: Emili Sindlev

Who?Emili Sindlev @emilisindlev

What? Fashion stylist

Where? Copenhagen

Shes got the power! With her colored tights, interesting layering and playful way of dressing, Emili Sindlev is one to watch in the streets of Copenhagen. The danish Eurowoman stylist and it girl knows how to push the button- and the streetstyle photographers love her effortless, fun and none minimalistic way of dressing. Meet Emili Sindlev and get her local places to go when youre in Copenhagen.



Your style is unique, what is style to you? To me style is a very individual thing. The ability to dress after body type and focus on your best assets. I think style is dynamic and constantly evolving.


 Where do you collect your inspiration? My inspiration comes mainly from street style as well as magazines. The society tends to forget the fashion history and how the trends always returns. I love to cherish the previous trends – the classical 60’s polka dot dress, colored tights and shoulder pads from the 80’s, and 90’s denim and denim. For me there is a certain playfulness in mixing the trends and it challenges people’s perspective on fashion.


In what way would you say that living in Copenhagen reflect your style I wish I would be a little more practical in my choice of clothes in the morning – It is simply not practical nor very glamorous biking around Copenhagen in a pair of stilettos and a mini purse. But I feel comfortable in my clothes and that somehow trumps the practical part. However, the classic Copenhagen style has provoked me to experiment more with patterns and colors – not initially to stand out, but it made me realize that I wanted to be more playful in my choice of clothes.


How did you first get into the business? One thing I have learned and experienced in the fashion industry is that you come a long way with hard work and a good attitude. My first job was as a fashion assistant on a Danish magazine called Cover. After a couple of months, I was offered a fulltime position as a stylist. That is what I find very admirable about this industry – you are given the opportunity to prove your worth and people will acknowledge you. Today I have established my own company working as a freelance fashion stylist. In addition, I’m a stylist at the Danish fashion magazine Eurowoman and I’m working for the danish tv show ‘Go’Morgen and ; Go’Aften Danmark’, where I style the hosts.

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You have a new design-collab up, tell us shortly I have designed a dress for the danish brand Pieces. I designed a t-shirt for them last year, which turned out very well. It was an amazing experience to be a part of a design process and I really like working with the team. With this second collab, my idea was to make the perfect summer dress. A light-colored, cute dress suitable for any occasion. I am very happy with the result

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Your 5 key items for the summer? I think it must be the classic Chanel sling back shoe in nude with black toe, my new Céline sunglasses, a beach basket, my vintage Christian Dior blazer and a long printed flower dress.

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What do you never wear? I usually never say never, but I’m not comfortable wearing a completely tight outfit.

 When did your interest for fashion start? I have always been into fashion. As a child I thought that I was going to be Fashion Editor of French Vogue. Still dreaming..

Skjermbilde 2017-05-11 kl. 23.45.37

 When did your interest for fashion start? I have always been into fashion. As a child I thought that I was going to be Fashion Editor of French Vogue. Still dreaming..

In what way does your mood affect the way you dress? My mood affects my daily choice of outfit, but every day I wake up with the urge to try something new! A new color combination, new print, a funny purse or crazy shoes. Dressing a certain way can also get me in a mood. I love colors and to be dressed in colors makes me happy.

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What trends and colours do you believe in for AW17? To me all colors are allowed and welcomed, but I especially love the red and the purple trend. At the moment I am very much in a red mood myself, because it can be both classic and untraditional. But I am excited about the purple trend and I adored how Mulberry included the purple color as a main element in the new season.

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Flats or heels? I love trainers, but I definitely have a weakness when it comes to heels. So I must say heels!

Favorite item in your closet? I don’t have one item in particular, but my favorite items and purchases must be my vintage stuff. It is a very special thing to buy a beautiful, unique vintage item knowing that someone wore it before you. I love the character it gives to the item and the history behind. When mixing the vintage pieces with new pieces, it just adds something elegant and original to the look.

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Top 3 things top do in Copenhagen?  There is a lot of special places to visit. If I were to mention a few, I would especially recommend ‘Restaurant Sankt Annæ’ – they make the best danish ‘smørrebrød’ which comes with the obligatory shot of ‘snaps’ on the side. During the summer season, I would recommend lending a bike – it is an authentic way to experience the city.

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Must visit store in Copenhagen? My favorite multi brand stores in Copenhagen is Lot29# and Holly Golightly and my favorite shoe store is Kassandra. They are like candy stores and always have the most beautifully decorated windows. It is really a visual experience. Then of course all the vintage stores as Jerome vintage, Manulu vintage, Times up vintage and Magnolia Luksus 2nd hand.

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Any local designer to watch? I think it is important to support danish design. A good 80% of my closet is danish design, and I love Ganni, Freya Dalsjø and Saks Potts.

photo: Celine Aagaard/ Freya Dalsjø aw17

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Where do you get your coffee in Copenhagen? I don’t drink coffee, but I love tea.  You can get the best tea at AC Perch’s tea shop, which is in the same street as my apartment. It is the cutest little store – I can highly recommend my two favorites The White Temple Tea and The Green Tea With Rhubarb.