Veronica B. Vallenes ready for Oslo runway

Scandinavian minimalism and Parisian elegance

Designer Veronica B. Vallenes descibes her style somewhere between Scandinavian minimalism and Parisian elegance, and believes that timeless pieces will get you a long way.  Tomorrow she will hit Oslo Runway - we asked the Norwegian designer about her upcoming collection.

Envelope by Marie Myklebostad 

What was the inspiration for this collection? 

The keywords for this collection are laid-back, elegance and effortlessly cool. The collection is based upon classic timeless pieces made for the customers to love. My style is situated somewhere between Scandinavian minimalism and Parisian elegance, and this is also reflecting the new collection.

You’ve used a lot of white, light pink, blue and brown in some of your earlier collections, can you tell us what type of color you will be using next?
The colors for this collection are black, grey, white, blue and a hint of orange. I also have a beautiful silk print made by the talented illustrator Esra Roise. There is focus on the textures and the fabrics are alpaca, cashmere, wool, viscose, silk and tencel.

What trends do you believe in for 2016?
Personally I think it is better to find your own personal style, rather than following trends that comes and goes so fast. Timeless pieces that make you feel sophisticated and elegant is always a hit.

You’ve been doing a lot of runway shows abroad, especially Copenhagen, why did you decide to show on Oslo Runway?
I am impressed by the people behind Oslo Runway and the fantastic work that they are doing, we really want to support this. We are grateful that Aker Brygge is sponsoring our show. I think this shows that we are in for a change in the Norwegian fashion history, with a more serious focus on fashion design.


Norwegian Designer Veronica B. Vallenes

Photo: Jacob Buchard


Veronica B. Vallenes describes her new collection as laid back, elegant and effortlessly-cool.

Photo: Jacob Buchard
Styling/makeup: Pauline Nærholm
Model: Othile-Team
Hair: Cecilie/ Adam og Eva
Shoes: Since Oslo'