Interview Sovietnam

Who? Pauline Krokeide


Where? Oslo

With better styling skills and looks than Kate Moss and Erin Wasson- cool girl, underdog and model Pauline Krokeide is one to watch. Envelope met up with Pauline behind the instagram account @sovietnam - read the interview with the talented creative girl in Oslo here.


We know you so far only from instagram - and love your aesthetics and style- can you introduce yourself- shortly?

Im a 20 year old girl living in Oslo. At the moment I work at H&M and help out at F5 concept store a couple of days a week as well as a lot of other projects. Sometimes i do a little of modeling. I love to create and I want to study visual arts. I have been traveling a lot lately. And I love to discover new favorite places in the world.

You have a huge following on instagram-when did you post your first picture and what was that? I can`t remember it all clearly, but I think it was a drawing of some kind. I didn t quite understand what instagram was in the beginning (I was 14 or 15 years old), I just liked to play with the filters and adjustments and didnt know I actually posted pictures onto a website until my friends started to like my pics.

Is there something you never will post on your profile? Im not a huge fan of staged studio pics, so I dont post much of this. Im more of a behind the scenes fan, and like to post pics of a more unpolished «reality». 

  Where do you collect your inspiration? I often get my inspiration from different decades. Perhaps i find a nice pair of 70's inspired pants and I mix this with a large 90s sweater. I like to mix modern and old and I also get alot of inspiration from classic films or fashion shows ofc.

What do you never wear? Cardigans or skinny jeans.

When did your interest for fashion start? Not until later i think. Ive always been interested in art and design, but clothes never really interested me until I was in hihgschool, and it has just evolved since then. 

In what way does your mood affect the way you dress ? It doesnt affect me much. If im feeling tired or dull I might put on sweatpants though - Key item for this season? Pjs! You'll probably see me matching in striped shirt and pants with sneakers this summer. I love to dress comfy but at the same time keep it somewhat classy and clean. I also got my hands on the white lace dress from h&m studio, so ill probably wear this alot too.

What trends and colours do you believe in for ss17? Hmm. I think for me its going to be a lot of pink, and monochrome outfits (in color and white) Ive also found a new love for white jeans, and bought myself a new pair from Zara recently.

Flats or heels? Flats, I actually cant walk in heels even if I tried.

Favorite items in your closet? This has to be my Comme des Garcons x Dr. Martens loafers, even though I havent quite walked them in just yet (they hurt so bad but i love them so much). I love my Supreme x Comme des Garcons longsleeve in cobalt blue. I was so lucky to get my hands on this when I was visiting LA a couple of months ago. I also own a pair of dark blue velvet pants I got at Fretex for like 80kr and ive worn them sooo much, honestly my best buy so far. and last but not least a silk pyjamas-set in creme my grand parents brought me as a gift from China a couple of years ago

Oslo tips for travellers: - Top 3 things to do in Oslo:

Visit the Botanical garden in spring, so many wonderful smells and sights. The Astrup Fearnley Museum and Ekebergparken. Luckily for me I practicaly in the park so i often walk my dog here. -

Must visit store? Yme Universe! 

One person, artist or designer to watch? I have fallen completly in love with the works of Chloe Wise.

Where do you get your coffe in town? Kaffebrenneriet at Akerbrygge, I don`t know what it is with this place. I think I have just had a lot of nice times with my friends here

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Behind the sceenes at H&M Shoot.


Photo: Aagaard