WHO: Ida Broen

WHAT: Student and influencer

WHERE: Oslo, Norway

INSTAGRAM: @idabroen

- Don’t think about what everyone else is thinking - It’s all about doing things that make YOU happy -

Ida Broen is one cool girl to watch. With her wardrobe full of sneakers and her always on-point outfit pictures on Instagram, there's no reason why you shouldn't check her out. Get to know Ida here and read her toughts on fashion and style.

ENVELOPE by Lotte Fuhre Ellingsen


Tell us a little bit about yourself - I’m Ida. I’m an influencer and I’m currently working on a lot of exciting projects. I recently designed my own shoe for New Balance. I’m 23 years old and I’m studying Strategy and PR at Westerdals Oslo ACT. I live for big dreams and ambitions and next-love, especially girls that support each other. It’s so easy to do and important for the ones that come after us - the new generation.


What is your relationship with fashion and how did you get into the business? Fashion is so much more than only clothing. It’s about personality - and it’s a lifestyle. Friends, music and so much more. I’ve always been very interested in fashion and started my Instagram account a couple of years ago when things started happening. I’ve always liked doing my own thing and taking chances. Don’t think about what everyone else thinks - It’s all about doing things that make YOU happy

Describe your own style - Sporty, high-end meets hip-hop, laid-back.

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What are your favorite pair of shoes? My own design for New Balance, New Balance 991 Ída Broen´ in my favorite Colors that I can use every day.


If you could only buy one new piece this fall, what would it be? A technical sporty warm jacket that suits all types of weather.


Do you have anything in your wardrobe that you will NEVER wear but you just can’t make yourself throw it away? A pair of red patent trousers in size 36. I’m telling myself that they’ll fit one day Even though i know they won’t


What is your best tips to people that are trying to find their own style? Look a little bit outside. It’s not always said that other people like what you like. Try something new, take a chance and don’t fool yourself. Trends are stupid, and something simple is often the best if you put your own twist on it. It’s ok to get inspired by others and do your own version, but nothing is cool twice so there’s no use in copying others


What’s something you wish more people knew about you? Well, Instagram has both pros and cons and it doesn’t always tell the truth. I think someone might think of me as a little superficial, but the truth is that I’m super down-to-earth, real and nice. If not I would not have been able to do what I do.


Wheres your favorite place to shop? I love shopping when I’m traveling, cause then I always find unique pieces that no one else has. Basics at Weekday, high-end online - and Ebay - which is a dangerous place for shopping. Vintage and second hand is the best.