My style Rikke Krefting

Who? Rikke Krefting

What? Fashion Marketing Student

Where? London, England 

Follow? Instagram, @rikkekrefting

- I was wearing jeans underneath my skirts as a little girl. The Norwegian fashion marketing student gets fresh impulses from the streets of London. She reflects the youths culture in her style and is at the beginning of her journey into the fashion market. Meet Rikke Krefting and read our My Style-interview with the cool girl here.

LONDON Envelope by Selina Ekra Sei

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Your style is unique, what is style to you? I would say it is my way of expressing my personality. I can express myself in my own crazy way trough style.  

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When did your interest for fashion start? Mhmm, I have always loved fashion. I always wanted to dress myself since I was a little child. Fun fact is that I loved to wear jeans underneath my skirts as a little girl - which now is a huge trend, haha.


In what way does your mood affect the way you dress? It affects my style a lot. Some days I just feel like hiding under a cap and wear yoga pants with my boyfriends bomber jacket, and then I'll just do that. Sometimes I actually think it looks quite cool, haha. 


When did you decide to study fashion? Studying fashion was a dream I had from a young age. I wanted to learn more in depth what the business existed of and all the hard work within the industry. A successful women within the industry of fashion told me that if I studied fashion I could almost do whatever I wanted in the industry. She convinced me and I decided to move to London and follow my dream. 

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Key item for this season? Pink and colorful straps for my bags! I was a girly-girl when I was younger. I always wanted a pink room and all I wore was pink at that time. I love that the colour is back for real now! My favorite is to mix it with leather pants and biker boots or fury loafers - the combination makes me feel much cooler. 

What trends and colours do you believe in for SS17? Pink, natural makeup and I love waist belts over jumpers and coats. Highlights your waist which I think looks beautiful and feminin.

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Flats or heels? Flats!! I am a short person and I prefer keeping it that way. And I love strolling around so it's more comfy.

 Favorite items in your closet? Leather pants and definitely my bags. I adore my new edgy leather pants from Mango and Balenciaga. Whenever I put them on I always feel right dressed wether it is for a dinner out, grabbing a coffee or a day at the library. They are so comfortable, feels like sweatpants - wohoo. And well, my bags are my babies.

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What do you never wear? Floral print. I love flowers, but on clothing I think it looks so cheap.

Where do you collect your inspiration? I collect a whole lot of inspiration trough my neighborhood in London and when I travel, witch I love to do. I love to mix styles from different cultures, and I must say Instagram is a huge inspiration as well. It's about combining your inspiration and making them your own. 

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What are you're ambitions in the fashion business? That's my little secret ;-) However, I can tell you this; I want to create something that helps and inspirers others to develop their own unique personal style.


City guide

Top 3 things to do in London? Stroll around in Chelsea, cycle to Shoreditch, and lunch on Shoreditch House rooftop. Lunch at one of The Ivy Resturants, The good life eatery, Juicebaby, Chiltern Firehouse or Cecconi´s. Boxing at Kobox London

Must visit store in London? Modern Society London, in Redchurch Street. The Exchange, secondhand boutique in Chelsea. 

Where do you get your coffee in town? La Bottega in Old Brompton Road or Pimilico, definitely best italian coffee ever.

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