EYES ON: Rebekka Samira

Who: Rebekka Samira

What: A model

Where: Always on the move, physically or mentally

- True style knows no seasons! Envelope keep you posted with people from around the world you should keep your EYES ON. Meet the norwegian (role)model Rebekka Samira in this weeks interview.


Your style is unique, what is style to you? Clothing is what you put on, style defines that. Style is that ever changing factor that makes clothing personal; every piece of clothing I wear is chosen by me, carefully or impulsively (usually somewhere in between) and it always tells a story, even if that story is nothing else but how I felt when I woke up.


Where do you collect your inspiration? The need to entertain in a subtle way is my key motivation, so much of what I wear is a product of that. Trends are important, but I don't really care for them, I usually buy my clothes second hand or I trade with friends. What is "in" comes and goes so fast that I really just pick out trend items that catches my eye and work with that. As I have a really small wardrobe (a suitcase) I have a full view of my items every day and I use that limitation to my advantage, putting together pieces just by looking at my full arsenal, trying to channel a vibe from every item into a full outfit.

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How did you first gt into the business? I was a 14 year old kid who couldn't care less about fashion when I started. It just happened really. I still don't care for fashion, but it definitely opened up a lot of doors for me to pursue a personal style.

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What was  th first job you were booked to? I did some shows my first Oslo FW (rip), it was a lot of fun getting to know the industry. It was baffling to me how much time and effort everyone put in to get those perfect 15 minutes of show or that sweet spot picture.

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Highlights so far in your carriere? I did and still do believe that a good day at work is a highlight itself. For me, it doesn't matter too much what brand or person I work for, if the vibe is good I'm good.


Your key items for fall? Wear a jacket. Or don't, but it is cold, and freezing is not a good look. My key items for any season is comfort, temperature, rebellion, color and another color.


In what way does your mood affect the way you dress? Dressing for my mental state is important to keep my mood up. It isn't so much about how I feel in the moment tho, more how I want to feel. It's harder to end up having a bad day if my outfit is on point, and when you reach the "I couldn't care less" state of mind, any judgement coming my way just passes, which makes it that much easier to stay in touch with myself


Where do you do your shopping? I like to believe my actions are of good nature, my intentions are at least, and that I do better by shopping second hand or invest in quality clothing from good brands. I truly believe that a great lifestyle comes from doing what is best for ourselves first, and if there is any excess goodness, why not share it?


What trends and colors do you believe in for AW17? As trends are starting to become a much more individual thing, with anyone being able to promote their style on instagram or wherever, I am a true believer in "whatever makes you feel good". F/W this year or the next is unimportant to how I dress. This doesn't mean I don't let myself get influenced by what is out there, but true style knows no seasons.

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Where do you grab your coffee? I grab my soy latte/chai/plain black from whatever coffee shop is close, plus points for ethical coffee!I usually eat at home, as a vegetarian transferring to vegan (yeah, I had to let you know) it's not too many options for me. Cooking at home is chill though, I find it to be a good way to come close to what exactly my body is fueled by.

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For booking- Rebekka is signed at Heartbreak/pholk Agency. 

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