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Gianluca Senese - Nobody Knows Marc

- I like my pictures to be intense, and I`m attracted by unique personal style, says Gianluca Senese. Envelope talks fashion with photographers from around the world. In Milano we had a chat with the man behind NobodyKnowsMarc- the Italian contributor for Grazia, L`officiel and Stockholm Street Style.

Name: Gianluca Senese

Camera: Nikon D800


Clients:, Grazia, Glamour, Stockholm Street Style, Vogue, Refinery29, L'officiel

Where are you based? Milan

What do you look for in a good picture?I’m satisfied when I find harmony, harmony of shapes and harmony of light and colors. I like my pictures to be intense even if it’s about shoes.

Favorite people to photograph right now? I don’t really have people I prefer to photograph, I’m attracted by unique personal styles, like Irina Lekicevic, Ece Sukan, Nadiia Shapoval and the italian Erika Boldrin.

In what way do you think Scandinavian women are interesting? I like their taste for the essential and the fact that their clothes have character, it’s a taste for fashion really up-to-date.

Any tip for an unknown person to get the photographers attention during fashion week? I think is 50% being well dressed and 50% being able to wear something, it’s not just about clothes it’s also about people and their personality.

What makes a good picture and what makes not? I don’t have the absolute truth about that. I like pictures well balanced, clear and with the subjects well identifiable, if there is chaos in a picture probably who watches will feel that something disturbs the visual communication.

When did you start to shoot fashion? It’s about 5 years.

What is style for you? Style is taste mixed with personality. Just think how different a garment can be worn by people with different style. Style is putting what you are, in what you do including what you wear.

Whats your highlight in your carrier? Well, I’m really happy with what I’m doing now, but I’m dreaming bigger.

So what to do in Milan? As I am a vintage lover you can't miss the vintage market on the Navigli and the antique market in Brera.

Where is your favorite spot to sit down for a coffee? The little bar just around the corner where I live in Piola, I like to have a Coffee there in the morning.

The best place to eat lunch? Definitely "Temakinho" on the Navigli.

Envelope by Celine Aagaard Photo by Gianluca Senese/ Melanie Galea

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Gianluca Senese New york fashion week street style model off duty

Shot by photographer Gianluca Senese behind - model Mica crossing the street

Gianluca Senese New york fashion week street style model off duty

Its all about the details.

Gianluca Senese NobodyKnowsMarc new york fashion week street style

His lens captures details from the fashion world - be inspired and see more pictures on

Gianluca Senese by Melanie Galea 2

The italian photographer Gianluca Senese shot by Melanie Galea


 Follow Gianluca on instagram for daily inspo @nobodyknowsmarc


 Follow Gianluca on instagram for daily inspo @nobodyknowsmarc