INTERVIEW Rawdah about style, hijabs and trend forecast 2019

Who: Rawdah

What: Blogger, youtuber and instagram profile @rawdis

Where: Oslo

I have always thought that it shouldn´t be one way or the other, says Rawdah. We had a chat with her about style, hijabs and trend forecast for 2019.


Tell us shortly your way into the fashion industry? 

It was through my instagram account. I had been sort of blogging there about fashion and beauty for a about 2 years when I decided that I would attend fashion week in Oslo. This was in august. I loved it so much that I pursuit it even more and I now work more on the fashipn aspect on my blog than I did earlier.


You are an icon for women all around The world. 

I belong in the category of “modest” dressed women, because of my beliefs I choose to dress modestly. I have always thought that it shouldn´t be one way or the other. You can be modest and stylish. So I try to stick with my modest look and mix it with whatever trends are in the fashion world at the moment and at the same time keep my personal style. I find it very interesting and makes it even more fun cause usually for me I can´t just open a fashion magazine and copy everything the model is wearing. I have to customize it to modest look and my style. That whole process is what I enjoy the most. Because of these two things combined I feel more women can inspire from the way I dress.


When did your interest for fashion start?  I´ve had hate and love relationship with fashion since my teens. I remember getting really into it and I enjoyed it very much but I unfortunately found it very limiting when it came to modest looks. I felt everything was too short or too tight so I would often just give up. And growing up online shopping wasn’t spread like it is today. If you were to shop you would´ve to go shopping in the mall. And I grew up in a small town so I always looked forward to travelling to Oslo and getting my hands on some new hijabs and doing some proper shopping at Aker Brygge. As I got older I started to love it more and the recent years it has become more of a loving relationship.


Your style is unique, What is style to you? I see myself as more of a “modest” dressed, sort of like east meets west with a hint of minimalism.

Where do you collect your inspiration?   I usually get from looking at old fashion magazines from my favorite models such as Grace Jones, Iman and Naomi Campbell. I enjoy recycled fashion trends. I also love to look at the family album and see how my fabulous aunties dressed in the late 80s and 90s. Other than that is Instagram fashion accounts and Pinterest.


In what way would you say that living in Oslo reflect your style( if it does)  Definitely the minimalism style that Scandinavians are known for is the way Oslo reflects my style. Most women here are quite stylish, I feel as though everyone I meet on the street is quite decent dressed compared to what I see in other countries from travelling abroad.


  What do you never wear?  I can never see myself wearing any animal print mixed with pink fur. That probably is my nightmare look.


What trends and colours do you believe in for Ss19 ?I´m putting my faith in bright colours like orange and navy blue. I feel so ready for those two colors and I hope I get to see lots of them.


Your 5 key items for the season? Oversized blazer, statement t-shirt, high waisted skirt, wide legged trousers and knitted sweaters.

In what way does your mood affect the way you dress ? It affects a lot actually. I feel as though the way I dress has great amount of impact on how I feel. If I wake up one day and I feel a bit down or I lack motivation, I always choose to dress nicely that day. I will wear my favorite outfit, be all extra and my mood completely changes. I instantly become happy because it is hard to feel down when you looking fly (at least that’s what I tell myself).


City guide for travellers: 

Where do you grab something to eat on the go? Lett - I usually go to the one in Aker Brygge or Majorstua. You have to try their falafel wrap, it is to die for. I also enjoy having a salad bowl from BIT or a baguette from there.

Where do you get your coffee in Oslo?  My favorite place to go Is espresso house. You have to try their chair latte, it is out of this world and I promise you will love it.

Where do you do your shopping? I usually do all my shopping online but we do have one of the most amazing H&M stores in Europe I believe. It is huge and they have most if not all H&M stuff. I also love to go to Zara. Walk Karl Johans gate and you will find loads of shops there.

Best vintage shopping in town?  I don´t remember the name of it but most of the vintage stores I go to are located in Grunerløkka and some actually have it open on Sundays. So I usually like to take a stroll down there on Sundays.