The hottest trends for lips, eyes and brows

Shes done makeup and been backstage with top model Gigi Hadid and Jourdan Dunn during New York Fashion Week-  but what is the hottest beauty trends off catwalk? Envelope talks beauty trends with the norwegian make up artist Marthe Hesvik.

Name: Marthe Hesvik

Instagram @marthehesvik.


What do you do: Im the official Makeup artist for Maybelline New York in Norway. I also work as a freelance Makeup artist and hairstylist, and I do editorial workfor Kamille magasinet.

Based In: Oslo

You are based In Oslo- tell us your New York story: My first New York impression came from Seinfeld and Sex and the city and as so many others I just dreamed of the upertunity to go and experience the city myself. Working with Maybelline NY definately opened doors for me. I didnt know that I was actually on the backstage team until like two days before departure. I was pretty nervous! But yeah, I fell completely in love with this city and it feels really good to be back.

How is it to do makeup backstage during New York Fashion Week? Amazing, but it is still nerve wrecking. The backstage area is so hectic. There is cameras, models, hairstylist, makeupartists, journalists, celebs, bloggers and designers everywhere and everyone is in a hurry. I love that energy. Its such an adrenaline rush.

How was Gigi and Dunn? Very nice and sweet Dunn was talking about her son, and Gigi was cute, but more quiet. She had her boyfriend wioth her at the maybelline party, and was mingling with everyone. 

How did you get the job?  I was at a rock festival in France with no Internet for a week, and when I got home I had an email from the PR manager for Maybelline in Norway. She wanted an interview with me. I had done a couple events for L`oreal and Maybelline before, and they wanted someone young for the job, since its a young brand, but at the same time someone who would work hard, represent the brand in a good way and someone who was eager to learn.

Models are natural beauties how can we normal people get a natural beauty look? A clichè but the truth: enough sleep. Less alcohol, good skincare. Never sleep with your makeup on. Ever. Drink enough water. A good, lighreflecting concealer also helps, like the dream lumi from Maybelline. It will take those dark circles away. Some color in the cheeks is always a winner, lip balm, and some brow mascara. Bend the lashes to look more awake and put on some mascara. A nude colored or white kohl is my saviour when i am tired or hangover and all red on my waterline. My friend with pollen allergies swears to that tric too.

Must haves in your beauty bag? A good cleanser, eye cream and moisturizer are on the top of my list. I use Kiehl's for cleansing, chanel le lift ye yux for eyes and biotherm and embrolisse for moist. I also use the midnight recovery concentrate from Kiehl's every night. A facial mist is keeping me moisturized throughout the day. When it comes to Makeup im obsessing over BB pure, the BB cream from maybelline. It has just enough coverage, a semi matt finish and the colors adapts perfectly to my skin. I always have brow powder and brow mascara, and i cant live without master precise eyeliner from maybelline. My last must haves must be a red nailpolish and of course babylips- in every color!

Whats the hottest colors for fall for eyes, lips and nails? For fall, the grunge and gothic references was highly represented and therefore we saw a lot of dark colors. Not entererly black though. Think Rouge Noir. Or midnight blue, dark green. It should be glamorous, not as undone and grungy as seen before.

Eyes: For day, go with earth tones, and a barely there look. Burgundy, purple, and Metallic is hot for the evening look. A black eyeliner to frame the eyes and drawn into a small cat eye in your Outher corner is your go to party look This season.

Lips: A classic red, a bold dark color - burgundy, towards black - or a fresh and healthy nude lip with some lip balm.

Nails: Dark colors, metallic or nude.

Can you give us a secret to get the best glow ? There are many secrets to get a good glow. It starts with your skincare. Peeling or a good scrub will take away dead and dull skin. Use a good moisturizer, and Even some oil before you go to sleep. As for makeup, there are many helpers. Start your base with an illuminating primer. They are everywhere. Dont do to much coverage on your skin, but go as sheer as you feel comfortable with. A lip balm is also a great product to tap on the top of your cheeksbones for some healthy glow. I usually prefer liquid or creamy highligters as I feel they blend more into the skin. Oh- and have fun! A good laughter, being in love or a great concert also helps.

If I Only have 5 minutes to get ready - what beauty products should I go for?

1. Moisturizer. 2. BB cream, apply with your hands. 3. Concealer under eyes, and where needed. 4. Brow mascara. 5. Mascara. 6. Cream blush. 7. Either a lip balm, or do a bold lip, and bring the lipstick for touch-ups. If lip balm: you have time for some creamy eyeshadow, apply with fingers.

Is less still more? Yes.

Do you have a beauty trend forcast for 2016? Well, from what I can tell, we will still see a lot of barely there Makeup, with focus on great, dewy skin. I think brows are here to stay, and in 2016 we want them to be all feathery, not to painted or graphic. For lips I think we will see a lot of red and darker lips, even in summertime. And I hope, with all the catwalk inspiration the last two seasons, that we can start playing with different eyeliner styles. I also believe that pink, light blue and purple are back, but in descreet ways. For example you can use that light pink lipstick as a creamy eyeshadow.

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Envelope by celine Aagaard Photo: Marthe Hesvik/Maybelline New York /Mara Hoffmann


Be inspired and check out Marthe hesvik instagram @marthehesvik

Beauty by Marthe Hesvik/ photo: Mari  Torvanger Knap model/Andrea


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Focus on brows and eyes at Brock, in NYC.


Perfection backstage before the show is about to begin.


Backstage with topmodel Gigi during New York Fashion Week.


Marthe shot backstage during New york Fashion Week this september at Khan.


Follow Marthe backstage on instagram @ marthehesvik - here is a snapshot with Jourdan Dunn in NYC in february.