Who: Pierre Favresse

What: Creative Director at Habitat

Where: Oslo 

Tradition and technology, colors and quality

- Go slow and take your time your time to think about your choices! The furniture- and interior brand Habitat opened a new flagship store in Oslo last week. Envelope met up with the Creative Director, Pierre Favresse to talk about the next trends in the world of interior design.

Where do you find inspiration?

– Everywhere. I find it in personal interpretation, the humanity, and the earth. I find it in people I meet on the train in the mornings, colleagues and families. As a designer it is important to be open to everything the world has to offer, to architecture and art. I also want to love what I do, and to be able to say that this is a good idea. The roots of my inspiration are natural things, and my goal is to bring life to people. I give love to the design, and believe in some kind of energy. If there is good energy in the things I create, than people will like it. That’s your job as a designer, artist, painter or craftsmen – they are all looking for this kind of vibration. I got an advice once to listen to my heart. At first I thought it was a stupid advice, but it’s turned out to be the best one so far.

What is your relationship with Scandinavian interior designs?
– The Scandinavian trend is all about lifestyle. People here are trying to care more about materials like solid oak and marble. They want it to be simple, white and clean. You are also more innovative and functional when it comes to interior architecture, and this is a trend that spreading all over the world right now. The world is changing in the way we think about the earth, the choices we make and how it affects the future.

Three trends to look out for:

Mixing materials
– One of the big trends is to mix all kind of materials. Examples can be mixing wood with textile and metal with wood. 

– A lot has change in the way we do things over the last ten years, but people still want to believe in what they know and they believe in quality. We now have the chance with physical products to be a link to the past and try to give the impression of contact. This is why the trend of craftsmen is coming back like never before, allowing us to mix technology and tradition.

 Pastel colors are a trend that easily will fresh up your home. A lot of people are afraid to use color, and my tips is to take it slow and don’t rush the decisions of what you want to buy. Start small and build your self up until you are pleased with the outcome.

How to improve your style at home: 

Change your lighting
– You can always change the expression of a room by changing textile, furniture and small things like a vase. If you want to make a bigger impression, one of the most important things is your lighting. That can really make a huge difference.

Follow the “slow movement”
– Go slow and take your time your time to think about your choices. Slow movement is a global trend as people are more aware of the environment and our earth. I think that’s important for the next generation. We already have one foot inside, but we need to get better.

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Envelope by Marie Myklebostad


The french designer Pierre Favresse.


Pastel color is one of the things Pierre believe you should look out for. 

Photo from Habitat SS16. 




Photo from Instagram